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My mission is to help high achieving professionals, like you, to break through plateaus, overcome barriers, accelerate your leadership impact, and find your own formula for a happy, fulfilling life.
Kate Dennis
Executive & Сommunication coach
Do you feel that you are plodding along? Anxious about what’s next, frustrated with the results and missing opportunities because you are “reacting” instead of “creating” your own path?
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What can
coaching do for you?
Whether it’s getting promoted, growing into your role as a leader or finding inner balance – coaching can help you achieve your goals.
Develop a mindset and skillset to maximize your career opportunities
Gain greater self-awareness, increase your confidence
Navigate through a career transition, professional stagnation or crisis
Advance your communication skills
Success stories
What will be your story?

I decided to try coaching with Kate out of curiosity. It turned out to be a surprising positive experience. I started sharing with her some of the issues that were not allowing me to progress personally or professionally and ended up unraveling many possibilities. Kate has a very human and understading approach which makes you feel immediately comfortable. Sessions are quite intense so that you can dig deeper on identifying the true root of the cause. I would not hesitate for a moment on reaching out to her again in the near future.

Berenise, Marketing Manager

I walked out of my first session with a lightness I had not felt in years and Kate and I managed to address some of the most pressing development pressing developmen areas in my life. As a busy professional in a stressful job I sometimes struggle to lean back to see a bigger picture of my life as well as my career. The sessions helped me to “zoom” out and take a sober look at both my professional and private life. Kate helped me to plan out clear steps that will help me get closer to my goals, and I can already see the impact of our work.

Andrea, Senior Trader

In such fast paced environment, Kate gave me space I needed to identify my priorities. Her brilliant guiding and effective tools have shifted my mindset when it comes to knowing in which order to execute my tasks.

I feel I can be much more productive and lost the “guilt” of not getting everything done at the same time.

George, CFO

The session had a very positive impact on my mental well-being. I am able to use techniques to cope with day to day stress and mood swings. I have learned many important things about myself and now can use my inner resources and energy to accomplish tasks and deal with various stressful situations.

Tatiana, Senior Accountant

Dear Kate, many thanks for opening my eyes to new opportunities, for showing me how to stand my ground and have the kind of career I can be proud of. I count myself lucky for having you as my coach. Forever grateful for your guidance, kindness and time!

Elen, Relationship Manager

Being “good at your job” is no longer enough. Today’s complex work environment requires better self-awareness as well as dozens of soft skills to succeed. Book a FREE 15 minutes call with Kate to find out what’s standing in your way and, most importantly, learn how to overcome it.
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Whether your organization has a new leader or a new strategy, lacks focus or energy, struggles with diversity issues, or is starting to experience dysfunctional communication patterns, we can design and deliver a program to meet your needs.
We offer workshops and seminars to help you, your team and your organization thrive.
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